Middays with Robin Fox

Robin Fox

Monday - Saturday
10am to 3pm

Some of us come from the East Coast... some from the West Coast. Robin comes from the North Coast...of Germany! Soon after that, her family moved to the Bay Area, then to North Carolina where she grew up in her family's European bakery. She finds it's a chore to be fluent in one of the most romantic languages known to man, what, with words like "achtung," to whisper as "sweet nothings." Harboring a love for travel, her career in radio has taken her to exotic ports-of-call like Raleigh, Baltimore and Key West (where iguanas roam instead of antelope!). Cooking, sharks, cake, and coffee - now you know her weaknesses. Show her where the best wine or local music lives and you'll have a fast friend, pal, and confidante. So... where's Robin? Expect to find her walking her dog on a local river trail, sampling the local brews of Bend, or out on the town for 105.7 KQAK. She's looking forward to meeting you!

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