On-Air Schedule

Dave Clemens

The Dave Clemens Experience
Monday - Saturday
5am to 10am

The best Morning Show in Central Oregon with the perfect blend of music, comedy, trivia, and more to get your day started off just right.

Robin Fox

Middays with Robin Fox
Monday - Saturday
10am to 3pm

Robin Fox keeps you rockin' and rollin' through your workday.

Tom Kent

The Ultimate Party with Tom Kent
7pm to midnight

Party music is genderless, ageless, and era-less because it’s timeless!  Tom Kent promises "The Ultimate Party" is the most fun you will ever have listening to the radio!  If it wasn’t a party hit, it ain’t gonna be played.  Period.

Casey Kasem

American Top 40 with Casey Kasem
8am to 11am

Join National Radio Hall of Fame personality Casey Kasem for classic versions of American Top 40 shows from 1970-1978, all in their original broadcast form.

Eric McKaig

Sundays with Eric McKaig
2pm to 6pm

Eric McKaig plays Rock & Roll's Greatest Hits to keep your Sunday afternoons exciting!

Dick Bartley

Classic Countdown with Dick Bartley
6pm to 10pm

Radio Hall of Famer Dick Bartley hosts this weekly countdown show devoted to the classic hits of rock, pop and soul, from the late 60’s to the early 80’s.